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During shredding, a single-rotor shredder TIGER with a hydraulic pendulum mechanism for pre-pressing the material in the direction of the rotor, ensures maximum shredding efficiency. The pendulum clamp works automatically depending on the load on the rotor. The design of the rotor, knives and counter-knives depends on the material for grinding. Depending on the design, the shredder knives may have 3-4 working surfaces and, if necessary, it is enough to turn them by more than 180-90°. Thanks to this design, the service life of each knife is increased by 3-4 times. The material of the knives is high quality tool steel. TIGER shredders are available in twin-rotor drive versions, with an electric motor or a hydraulic motor. The choice of the rotor drive depends on the characteristics of the material for grinding. The shredder is available with an easy access to remove metal or similar objects that impede the further operation of the shredder.



TIGER single-rotor shredderTIGER single-rotor shredderTIGER single-rotor shredder
Hydraulic motorFrictionMechanics
Power, kW37110150250
Weight, kg3130642071509280
Window dimensions1000х10001500х15002000х20002500х2500
Rotor length1000150020002500
Rotor diameter210370370450
Number of knives54/4787/102111/128180/216


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TIGER single-rotor shredder

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