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The SHARK twin rotor shredder is suitable for cutting different types of materials. All shredder units are located and fixed on a single 30 mm thick metal frame: a shredding unit with a drive, a classifier mesh, a loading hopper. The shredding unit consists of two rotors installed in a housing, rotating towards each other with toothed disk knives. The design of the knife discs depends on the material to be crushed. The discs are made of heat-treated high-alloy steel. If a disc is damaged, just replace the damaged disc. The SHARK shredder has an automatic load control system of the electric drive with a reverse function, which prevents overloading of the shredder and the failure of the main components.


Dimensions (LxWxH)mm2500 x 2000 x 3000
Filling hole (LxW)mm2300 x 1800
Funnel volume2.2
Total weightkg6000
Cutting unit*
Rotor lengthmm2 х 1200
Rotor speedrpm30-40
Standard cutting toolSynchronous 2-wave cutting system
Electrical motorkW2 х 55
The listed values refer to the standard version with standard funnel and standard stand.

Manufacturing of the shredder rotor

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